Agni Yoga Sacred Heart Fire



The Exercise Of Consciousness Is The Yoga Of The Heart!

Let us be in Remebrance; prepare the body and mind to align with the Heart

Oh, Great Spirit
Love, protect and receive sent prayers for abundance sustainability, fertility, harmony, creativity and healthy living within, on and re-generated to our Beloved Planet. Engrave this earth, her soil, her seas, mountains, plains, everglades and greens, her boundless sky with the sacred light of unity, bestowing inter, intra, and non-denominational peace; to nullify extremes in weather, i.e., volcanic trembling and 
burgeoning earth-quaking, stormy winds, incessant rains and tumultuous seas for a nurturing continuum relief.  Tis' balance, equanimity and Thy Grace we prayerfully beseech, in Faith's communal silence and stillness, seek, a re-integration into the Divine, Heart-Mind.       All men, Amen, Ohm...
~Cheryl Allen-Hunter


Guru-photo by Anne Maniglier


Sharath Advance Series Demo


Part of Primary Series

 shaolin-kungfu-stampchinese postage stamp commemorating the shaolin monastery.jpg 

Shaolin Monk Rain Demonstration
Postage stamp commemorating Shaolin Monastery







 "What is Mastership or whom a Master?"
Part 1

       "What is Mastership or whom a Master?"
Part 2

Grant me, O Lord, the mastery of self!'
Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 35

 'Thus it is, when the spirit comes to realize
    New wings grow, and the surrounding air sings at
    The pathway of light is revealed to the amazed sight.
    And the mind’s resolution builds the steps
        of the temple of the One Truth.'

       Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par 355


' ,,,you must proceed through the Gates of Patience,
    And you will enter through the
        Gates of Service.
    And chiefly, remember the Lotus of Trust
        both day and night.'
 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 369

I will be waiting here
 For your silence to break
 For your soul to shake
 For your love to wake.
-- Rumi

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